Sunday, May 31, 2009

Automatic plant watering system, Part II

Last summers automatic plant watering system worked well, but it never ended up leaving the breadboard. So as I already have my pepper plants planted for this year, I wanted to get a more permanent system up and working. I took the design from last year and built it on a Rabbit Flex dev board I have had laying around since I had used the rc3400 I built last years on for a separate project. One of the nice parts of this board is that it has on-board Ethernet which I plan to take advantage of.

This version will have a web based interface to allow me to control the watering times remotely. Along with the rain detector that was built last year, it will also have temperature and humidity sensors that will allow me to adjust watering accordingly based on current conditions. Ideally it will also be able to show how much water I am using per day once I calculate the flow rate of my system.


The basic system is operational right now along with the external sensors, the web interface is the last step of the project, along with a case to mount the project in.

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  1. My dreams have been answered! The watering system has arrived. I wish your explanation had been a little more detailed though. I like those codes with all of those letters in them!