Friday, September 12, 2008 :: my semiconductor datasheet library

So I have been frustrated lately. While working on a project... I will need to look up a datasheet for component n. I commonly turn to google with a search such as '[part number] datasheet' with sometimes good and sometimes bad results. I usually end up at one of many bad datasheet archive websites that will go unnamed. By bad, I refer to sites that have broken links, incorrect datasheets for the part described, mazes of links that I must click through, annoying pop-ups, and primarily wasted time.

Because of my frustrations, last weekend I threw together a site for my own collection of datasheets. It is now available for everyone at . I have done my best to collect datasheets from large semiconductor manufacturers (STMicroelectronics, National Semiconductor, Atmel, Freescale Semiconductor, Microchip, Xilinx, Maxim, Fairchild Semiconductor to name a few) and collected ALL of there datasheets into one source. I currently have about 30,000 datasheets organized, in a database, and fully text searchable for your component database needs. I plan to keep adding to this database, their are still many component manufacturers whose datasheets I would like to obtain.