Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Network Part II

Update on my network...

I replaced the unreliable Dell switch with another Extreme Networks switch... this time a Summit 24e3. It has a full layer 3 license and is now configured as my default gateway. I uplinked my Summit 24e2 via a link aggregation trunk of 4 fast ethernet links for a total aggregate bandwidth capacity of 800Mbit (wire speed).

A Cisco 2514 is still my primary route to the internet and a Cicso 2621XM handles my VPN. Also newly added is a Sun Netra-T1 with a 500Mhz Sparc running Solaris 10 and Bind 9.4.2 as my primary DNS server. I just built this machine this past week to replace one of my SparcStation 5's (Still one of my favorite Sun boxes :) )

I still need to make some improvements, but it is MUCH better than it was before.

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