Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How rediculous...

So one of out at+t T1 circuits was disconnected, and I had to find out why. The following telephone call with at+t support just makes me laugh. I am typing this up after the phone conversation to the best of my memory:

(apparently the ampersand is not an allowed character in blogger... so I will use '+'s instead for a t and t)

me : could you please tell me when the last payment on this circuit was received?
at+t: the last payment was on Dec 12th for $nnnn.
me: what was the previous payment before that?
at+t: Nov 4th for $nnnn.
me: would it be possible for you to send me a list of all the payments we have made last year so I can figure out how we missed a payment?
at+t: well, this information would be on all of your invoices.
me: I understand that, but it would be easier to see a list from you with all of our received payments. this way i wouldn't have to contact our accounting department to request this information.
at+t: well, we do not offer that service.
me: ummm.. ok.
me: well, what would i have to do to get this circuit turned back on?
at+t: i could forward you to our services department to re-activate this circuit. would you like me to do that?
me: sure.
at+t: okay, before i forward you to our services department, is there anything else i could help you with?
me: nope.
at+t: and how happy are you with your services with at+t? satisfied? or very satisfied?
me: are those my only two choices?
at+t: yes.
me: just satisfied i guess.
at+t: well, what could we do to make your experience with at+t very satisfied ?
me: you could start by providing me with a list of all our payments received for the past year.
at+t: i'm sorry, but we dont offer that service.
me: well... then i guess i will never be very satisfied with your services.

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  1. im not a spam, i promise.

    i called at&t because there was a billing problem, our account got suspended, and we needed to cancel the account. here's the gist of it:

    -right away i told the robot voice i wanted to speak to a representative about billing.
    -2 transfers later i got to someone in billing
    -oh it looks like the payment you tried to make yesterday ACTUALLY did work
    -ok fine they will transfer me to someone who can cancel the account
    -oh no they transferred me to someone who will try and get me to keep the account. no, we're moving, im canceling the account.
    -ok transferred to someone AGAIN.
    -oh no they can't cancel a small business account, have to transfer again
    -ok this new person will "stay on the line until they find the right person"
    -oh no, they CANT FIND THE ACCOUNT. ok turns out they cant look it up because we dont have a phone line. now they are transferring me again to uverse so they can cancel it.
    -wtf its a whole new company, i got transferred out of at&t after 50 minutes on the line with agents

    i went from disappointed, to laughing to now im pissed because it took so long and they were so goddamn incompetent.